Meet An

The Floating Roof 

About me. . . 

My name is An. I hope this website will show my love for baking, cooking, and the arts. (Personally, I’d rather cook, it’s much easier. ) I’m not musically talented, artistically talented, I’m not a professional baker, or a cook, but this website will show my deep, intense passion for it.

A little bit more about me. . .

I love vintage, rustic-looking, stuff. From vintage cameras, to old milk bottles, I adore them! I have two siblings… my older sister, and a younger brother.

Social Networking Sites. . . 

None, unless you count this blog and Instagram.

Instagram: @thefloatingroof


Hold on tight. . . 

Well, as my sister and I post more articles, or recipes. . .  or projects, you better get ready. Photographs will litter this site of Nikki’s and my creations. This isn’t just a quirky recipe site, this is Nikki’s & An’s site. Hold on tight, our posts will blow you away.

– A


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